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Jeffrey D. Rothstein, MD, PhD

Founder and Director, Robert Packard Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins

Packard Center founder Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein has been the Center’s director since it opened in 2001. A respected neuroscientist, Rothstein is credited as being one of the world’s top ALS researchers, especially in the field of glutamate excitotoxicity.

He is the Director of the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, a campus-wide collaborative organization that brings together Hopkins' more than 450  basic and clinical neuroscientists.  Among its many missions, the Brain Science Institute's translational neuroscience program brings an innovative collaboration with industry and academic medicine in order to hasten treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. 

Dr. Rothstein is Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience and a faculty member of the graduate program in cellular and molecular medicine at the Johns Hopkins University. He directs the Johns Hopkins Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic, one of the largest organizations of its kind in this country.

To contact Dr. Rothstein:

Denise Tawney
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein
T: (410) 955-2227 | F: (410) 502-5459




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