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Host An Event and Raise Money for ALS Research

The Packard Center is fortunate to be the beneficiary of many fundraising events. We will continue to work with donor groups toward our shared goal of finding a cure for ALS in the most expedient way possible.

Financial support is the lifeblood of any research center, and we're no exception. We are often approached by individuals and groups who are coordinating ALS fundraising events specifically to raise money to support the Center's research efforts. These events truly impact our ability to fund cutting-edge ALS research projects.

If you are coordinating a fundraising event on behalf of the Packard Center, please tell us more about it! Contact Meg Whiteford at (410) 955-8684 or We can help you the best determine ways that we might work together to ensure the success of your event.


Our Experts

Barrow Neuorlogical Institute
Neurobiologist Rita Sattler has been working to understand how the C9orf72 mutation leads to ALS since the mutation was first discovered in late 2011. Using induced pluripotent stem cells from ALS patients with C9orf72 mutations and new mouse models of the mutation, Sattler hopes to figure out whether this mutation causes tiny changes to the structure of neurons that could alter their ability to send information to each other. 
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