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A Group of Friends Dedicated to raising money around ALS

When Shonna and Mike Hackett faced the reality that Mike had ALS, there was of course grieving - but no regret.

The Hacketts were no strangers to ALS.  Mike's mother had died from the disease in 2003; the following year, when Mike was tested for the disease at a Familial ALS study, the couple launched The Hackett Clan, a group of their family and friends dedicated to raising money for ALS research.  "I'm not someone who sits around," Shonna smiles.  "I'm on it."

As one the Packard Center's largest teams in the annual Fiesta 5k for ALS Research, The Hackett Clan usually arrives with close to 200 runners and through the years, the group has raised more than $100,000 for ALS research.