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The Gluck Family: Pursuing philanthropic commitments as a means of hope.

John Gluck, a 1962 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, was no stranger to valor, service and handling tough situations.  A career naval officer and the captain of nuclear submarines, Gluck spent his career in defense of his country. Together with his wife Julia and their three children, the Gluck family moved 16 times due to John’s commissions.

During his retirement, his pursuits became running, golf, volunteerism and a dedication to family.  In 2014, at the age of 76, Gluck, still active, was diagnosed with ALS at the Hopkins clinic.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was happening at the same time as Gluck’s diagnosis. After some research into the field of ALS science, the family decided to direct their gifts made during the challenge to the Packard Center, which sparked an ongoing commitment.

John Gluck lost his battle with ALS a year after his diagnosis.  Since that time, the Gluck family has made ALS research a top priority.  To celebrate his love of family, running, and their annual trips to the Outer Banks, the Gluck’s started the Jogger John Race.  

Every year, nearly 90 family members and friends vacation together and run a race in Gluck’s honor. Since the race’s inception, the family has raised more than $220,000 for the Packard Center. 

The family's commitment to the Packard Center extends beyond their generous philanthropic contributions. They attend many Center events, have made multiple visits to Hopkins and taken several lab tours. Gluck’s family has become a crucial part of our Packard Center community. 

The Gluck family continues to pursue research as a philanthropic commitment because they see it as a source of hope.  John Gluck’s legacy lives on through their family events and their philanthropic priorities.

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