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Using His Personal ALS Story to Raise Awareness and Money for Research


“For me, there’s nothing I can clearly attribute to my getting this disease. The most frustrating thing as a patient is that there’s not much you can do about it. You’re limited in what you can do to respond to ALS. Only one drug has been approved. That’s why I’m willing to put myself out there publicly to help drivea greater awareness of ALS and support giving to research.”

?Like the other 90 percent of the ALS patient base who suffers from the sporadic form of the disease, Andy Nelson had no warning. One day, he was a healthy and active professional, husband, and father, and on the next, he started to exhibit the initial symptoms of the disease. But rather than to submit to this crushing news, Andy and his wife Alex are determined to fight ALS by the only means they can, by actively involving their friends, family, and officemates in fundraising activities on behalf of the Packard Canter. “I don’t feel bad in asking people for money for the Packard Center,” says Andy, “because I know that it’s going going directly to research.” 

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