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ALS News: 2019

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May 8
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A new research study offers profound insight as to why this diminishing response to treatment occurs.
Apr 18
Packard Center News, Research Bytes
Innovative new research from Packard investigators explores how RNA binding proteins might lead to ALS.
Apr 10
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Packard researchers at the Barrow Neurological Institute uncover a novel function of the C9orf72 mutation, delivering invaluable insight into the pathogenesis of ALS
Apr 1
Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein
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Packard Center researchers describe a subset of cortical -astroglia with critical importance to neuron health
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Mar 22
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Scientists developed a method of “baiting” a protein that would otherwise ball up into toxic clumps and damage brain function.
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Jan 14
ALS Headlines, Packard Center News
A new Packard study found that found that excitotoxic stress and hyperactivity in neurons increased the production of toxic peptides associated with the C9orf72 repeat expansion.