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Zuoshang Xu & John Landers

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Zuoshang Xu, PhD & John Landers, PhD

University of Massachusetts & University of Massachusetts

Modeling ALS-Associated Cytoskeletal Mutations in iPSC and Drosophila

Despite the recent discovery of a plethora of new causal genes for ALS, the available mammalian model for mechanistic and therapeutic studies is still limited to transgenic mice expressing mutant SOD1, which has limited further progress in understanding the disease mechanism and therapy. This proposal seeks to change this condition by analyzing transgenic mice expressing mutant profilin 1, another gene linked to ALS. By comparative studies with mutant SOD1 transgenic mice, we will understand generalizable mechanisms as well as specific differences between these models. We will also establish this model as an alternative to the mutant SOD1 model for therapeutic trials in animals.


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Steven Finkbeiner

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Gladstone Institutes, UCSF
Two recently discovered genes that have been associated with both familial and sporadic forms of ALS encode the related proteins TDP43 and FUS cause neuron death in ALS.
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